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Professional day at the St. Gellert Forum

Since the arrival of Gábor Herczeg in the summer, the Szeged-Csanád Grosics Academy has been experiencing a vibrant professional life. For the ninth time, our youth leader held professional training for coaching colleagues working in youth. This occasion was co-hosted with Levente Szántai, a psychologist at our academy. The topic of the presentation was the development of the independence of our players.

Gábor Herczeg highlighted the importance of perception and decision-making, and then our psychologist shared his remarks on the field of self-control and self-reflection with the coaches present. Finally, the two professionals closed the event together by presenting an individual player profile that promotes ownership and development.

– - This is the ninth time that it is an essential part of our professional series. The starting point is to look at football globally, which is a continuous chain of perception, decision, execution. While we coaches keep this in mind during training and matches, it is also important that players are able to perform on the football field in the best possible quality. A player-centric coaching philosophy is essential for this, which is greatly facilitated by the proper self-knowledge of the coaches - our professional leader is formulated. – fogalmazott utánpótlás szakmai vezetőnk.

Levente Szántai gave an interactive lecture for the third time at the trainings since the summer.

– I am glad that Gábor also considers the psychological development of our coaches important. In order for coaching colleagues to be able to support the ownership of their players, it is worthwhile to be aware of the values ​​they have received from their own coaches as young players. Proper self-knowledge thus helps them to authentically convey their own coaching philosophy - a psychologist at our academy shared his thoughts.


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I have received Pro Scientia gold medal

Prof. Dr. Freund Tamás -MTA elnöke- és Prof. Dr. Szendrő Péter -OTDK elnöke- társaságában

In the company of Prof. Dr. Tamás Freund -President of the MTA- and Prof. Dr. Péter Szendrő -President of the OTDK- at the award ceremony

The Pro Scientia Gold Medal is the highest award for the academic and scholastic career of students in higher education. I was awarded by Prof. Dr. Tamás Freud - president of HAS- in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences- for creating and succesfully using the Responsibility Development Trainig Program (RDTP). This idea was born four years ago. As a professional football player I experienced that one of the possible key of the Hungarian football development is to improve the responsibility in youth athletes. Since then I have been practiced the program in three different age groups (U14, U15, U19). The training program included 30 occasions for nine month period. I am developing the training programme according to my experiences year by year. Nowdays I use the training program in Szeged Csanád Grosics Akadémia U14 team with their head coach. My long-term goal is to integrate the training programme into hungarian football coaching. Therefore, coaches will also be able to apply it to their own team, even with the support of a sportpsychologist.

I would like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Éva Szabó, for her professional support in the development and application of the RDTP.

Head of the Institute of Psychology of the University of Szeged, accompanied by my supervisor Dr. Éva Szabó

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