"Azért kezdtem el Levihez járni válogatott úszóként, mert úgy éreztem a kelleténél többet
stresszelek, nyugtalankodok főleg versenyhelyzetekben. Nagyon gyakran előfordult, hogy a medencén
kívül is megjelentek negatív érzelmek nálam. Ez a nyugtalanság és folyamatos stressz érzés negatív hatással volt
a teljesítményemre, ezért úgy éreztem meg kell tanulnom profin kezelni és felkészülni ezekre a
helyzetekre, versenyszituációkra. Főleg egy közelgő, nagyon fontos verseny miatt. A folyamat során
felelevenítettünk több régi emléket amelyekből megtanultam erőt meríteni. Megtanultam használni az
autogén tréninget és különböző légzéstechnikákra is megtanított Levi, amelyek segítettek kezelni a
mindennapi feszültségeket és segítettek felkészülni a stresszhelyzetekre. Ezeken kívül
még imaginációs feladatokkal is felkészültünk a versenyre, amelyek során elképzeltem magam a
verseny különböző pillanataiban. Személy szerint nekem ez volt a kedvencem és nagyon jó hatással volt
rám. Nagyon sokat köszönhetek Levinek, sokkal jobban kezelem a stresszt és a negatív érzelmeket és a
legfontosabb, hogy sokat fejlődtem mint versenyző."

Jobb versenyzővé vált, kezelve a stresszhelyzeteketNándor, 17 éves válogatott úszó

"I started going to Levi because I had a major injury that required a long rehabilitation. My goal was to become mentally stronger while I was recovering and to be able to talk about any problems I might have with someone I completely trust. I went to Levi for half a year. We tried out techniques for more effective rehab. It was also about scheduling, which helped me a lot so that I wouldn't stress unnecessarily, I learned to handle each situation more relaxed. During the sessions, I got to know myself better, I know what my strengths are, and I know what I need to develop in order to be better. Thank you very much for all your help!"

He is over a long injury, mentally strengthenedGergő, 18-year-old footballer

"I started going to Levi because, as a young goalkeeper coach, I had communication problems with my early teenage goalkeepers. It was difficult for me to accept their mistakes and I felt impatient in certain situations. During the process, I understood that my bad relationship with a former coach also affects my attitude towards mistakes. We reworked this well and we also talked a lot about communication that suits the players individually. I improved a lot last season as a person and as a coach. I handle situations more relaxed, I am more open to the children and I can tune in to them more easily. I notice that the players also trust me more, they accept it when they make a mistake. I'm more patient and I've gotten closer to my goalkeepers."

He accepts the mistakes of his goalkeepers, his relationship with his students has improvedMarcell, 28-year-old goalkeeper coach

"We approached Levi because I was nervous before matches, I was afraid of making mistakes and I barely gave instructions in the goal. My goal was to be braver on the field and become the number one goalkeeper. I went to Levi for half a year and we greatly strengthened my self-confidence and the we developed different strategies for current situations. One of my favorites was the double match management, which I used effectively when we had two matches a week. As a result of the relaxation techniques, the anxiety before the match decreased, and in addition, I played the spring all but two matches. Now I can motivate my teammates on the field, specifically my specific instructions and I encourage them even when making a mistake. We also talked a lot about how I can allocate my time efficiently so that I have enough time for myself in addition to soccer and studying. I have improved a lot in the last six months, which I can also thank you for, Levi !"

He improved a lot in half a year and became a starting goalkeeperKristóf, 16-year-old footballer

"I contacted Levi because I developed post-covid symptoms, I had a headache, dizziness, and concentration problems. I also had difficulty getting along with my coach and was about to change teams. Because I knew Levi as a player, we quickly found common ground and I was able to open up before. As a result of our conversations, I can now express my emotions better. It was also important for me to understand my own behavior and my relationship with my coach. I became easier, my change of club was successful and even my partner indicated that he noticed positive changes in me. Thanks Levi!"

Having overcome post covid, he successfully changed clubsBalázs, 30-year-old handball player

"We started working with Levi because I went to a foreign elite academy and although everything was fine in the beginning, then I played less and less. I had a very hard time with this. In our conversations, it was good to express the nervousness and frustration within me. Levi showed me how I can use my performance to respond to criticisms from me and just to show for what I am capable of! Thanks for the help."

He adapted to the professional life of footballPatrik, a 17-year-old national team footballer

"We contacted Levente because by our daughter developed after covid Body Integrity Identity Disorder, ate little and was in a bad mood. The relationship between them took shape step by step, Levente's support during this period meant a lot. Then she suddenly got better, like if she decided to change and wants to be happy again. Nowdays she eats well and she's been invited to the national team. Thank you for Levente's support during the difficult period our child has been through."

She recovered from the Body Integrity Identity Disorder and became a woman national football playerDorka, a 15-year-old women's national team football player

"I contacted Levi because our team's performance has decreased recently and I have had a hard time finding common ground with some of my players. We first had team building sessions together and observed roles within the team with Levi. We also discussed these afterwards, sharing our experiences. These conversations helped a lot because I understood what internal driving force drives my players and what their role is within the team. The next step was to start communicating with the guys according to their character. I realized that I can make mistakes as a coach too and if I honestly take this on in front of the players, they will be even more accepted. The mood on the team has improved, and my relationship with players who are harder to handle has improved. "

Team performance and coach-player relationship have improvedNándor, 25 years old head coach

I feel lucky that Levente was chosen when we were looking for a sports psychologist. We found a common voice very quickly, creating a safe, relaxed atmosphere for our conversations. It was easy to be honest with him. Our conversations were inspiring, challenging, and constantly broadening my horizons, helping me get to know myself better. He shed light on more and more contexts that helped me through the difficult situations that hindered my progress. With the help of autogenic training, I got a useful guide for the rest as well.

He developed mentally, overcoming difficultiesZsombor, 14 years old kayaker

"I approached Levente because I had anxiety problems due to my incarceration during the quarantine period. Through common conversations, a space opened up for me where I could calmly share the thoughts that occupied me. I got to know myself better during the sessions and it helped me a lot to better understand my thoughts as well. Leaving the quarantine period, I felt I needed to change my life situation. I also received a lot of useful advice about the changes, which I was able to apply in some areas of my life. Furthermore, I feel that these occasions have strengthened me in moving forward, bringing real change to my life. I have managed to implement most of these changes during counseling, in my relationships with family and friends, and in my way of life. During the sessions, I had the opportunity to learn autogenic training, which helped me learn to better manage my anxiety. I am grateful to Levente for all this and thank you again for his work!"

The autogenic training helped during the quarantine periodTibor, 19 years old man

"Working with Levente was one of the most defining processes of my life, every minute of that served my development as an athlete and as a human being. The primary reason I approached him was that no matter how much my life was built around football, I could never feel good on the field during matches. This prevented me from performing to the best of my ability. During the consultations, which were 100% online, in addition to sports, we also touched on other areas of life, about which I was able to talk openly and honestly with Levi. He kept leading me to the solutions I had, and I got to know myself and how I was getting better every time. Thanks to working together, I have now reached a point where the external conditions that have negatively affected me are equally present, but now I can handle them to such an extent that they do not affect me and my performance. I can feel good on the field. Once again, I would like to thank Levente for working together and teaching me how to enjoy success."

As a result of online counseling, he has learned to enjoy competitive sportsJózsef, 20 years old footballer

"My 14 year old son took part in Levente’s group sessions based on the Responsibility Development Training Program. participated in Levente's group sessions. The team matters a lot to Laci. These occasions helped him to be more open to his peers. The training program also helped him accept each other's successes and failures, and also takes more responsibility for his teammates. As a result of the tasks, his self-confidence increased, which appeared not only on the field but also at school. Thank you for Levente's work."

His child’s self-confidence has increased as a result of group sessionsLuca

"We asked Levi for help because I had problems with my social relationships. He had helped before, so there was no question of turning to him again. During the counseling, I learned to relax and ignore the things that bother me. Levi was always kind, understanding, and helpful. Working together created a direct, reassuring atmosphere where I was quick to dissolve and easily talk about my problems. Overall, we found a good helper again, thank you for everything!"

He was approached once again by Ádám, about his current social problems.Adam, a 14-year-old footballer,

"I approached Levente with a problem that in my opinion is a concern for a lot of young players. It1s nothing more than the schedule and the stress of everyday life. Here, I’m thinking of school, sports, compulsion to conform, the loads of impulses that affect people in everyday life. We had a total of nine occasions together, 70 % of which took place online due to the pandemic. I have learnt to relax, analyze and correct situations that appear both in life and on the football pitch. He highlighted a lot of things that help with concentration or timing and how to manage even a workout in myself. We wouldn’t even think how much force the idea of a workout set in motion in the head and how much it helps to practice a pass or the positioning in the brain. So much so that when I returned to training after my volunteer quarantine, I felt a change in my thinking. I can concentrate much better and I often know in advance what will happen on the pitch. I’m very grateful to Levente for spending time with me and to help me."

He taught me to relax, train mentally and schedule my timeGergő, a 17-year-old footballer

“The treatments was very successful to me. I knock it down, since I was, I haven’t experienced the kind of problems, which I had before. For this, I am really grateful for Levente! But I would like to train myself even further in this field! I received a very understanding, patient help! I can only recommend him to everyone!

Helped to reduce the anxietyEdvin, 27 years old footballer

”We turned to a specialist because of my 11 years old son’s assimilating problems at school. We founded out at the first time, that we made the right choice. Levente is a great helper, with his kindness and being direct, he managed to create an atmosphere, where my son unbent and became brave enough to speak about his problems and fears. He has learnt that he can do a lot of things against his fear and anxiety, and since then he has been dealing with his conflicts in a braver and more clever way. He has been using the techniques, he learnt at the consultations, until now. We have experienced positive changes not only at school, but also in his relationship with his mates, in his connection to adult people and in his sport performance. Because all of this, we are really grateful, thank you very much!”

Levente is a great helperMária

”I have since been in the senior football and I’m experiencing that I have to take responsibility more often. I have to make mature decisions inside the team or in the real life. What I learnt in the occasions mostly helped me to assimilate into a new community to make myself acceptable more easily. I started realise that, my statements, my opinion and my acts could result in smaller or bigger consequences not only on myself but also on my team and my surroundings.”

Helped my assimilation into a new communityBalázs, player of the under-19 team, who took part in the training program for improving the sense of responsibility

”My twelve years old footballer son had problems of headaches. We turned to Levente and asked his help to discover the causes of the complaints and to heal them. Already after the first consultation, my son, who hadn’t been very enthusiastic about turning to a psychologist at the beginning, took part in the conversations with happiness. We were suprised to experience that after 4-5 consultation the complaints eased off and there was a positive change in his attitude and playing performance, moreover he was excited for the upcoming occassions. After the 10th consultation, we realized that, Levente’s expertise reached its target, the complaints disappeared. In Levente, we got to know someone, who is both a well-educated psychologist and an exceptional human being. We are really grateful for his work!”

A very well-educated psychologistIstván