I have been a professional athlete for more than 30 years as a goalkeeper. During my entire career, from the age of six, I had so many challenging situations, but the way I managed to solve them, helped me to develop into a professional football player. I got many invitations to the youth hungarian national football team in every age group from the age of 13. As a senior athlete I fought for both avoiding relegation and winning the league, many times as the captain of the team. I often heard from my coaches that being a goalkeeper is like being an individual athlete, it is a „totally different world”. Perhaps because of that, I like to work with athletes, pursuing individual sports and deal with the problems emerging in team sports.
I started my studies at the University of Szeged, when I was 30 years old. Subsequently, I am grateful for this. Sitting in the school desk and listening to the lectures, I often realized that: „Oh, so this happened because of this!”. I think the combination of my theoretical knowledge and experience in sport are important to make the process of consultation more effective.