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6th International Scientific Conference - Novi Sad, Serbia

It was my first time performing in English in front of a sport professional audience! I am grateful to the Sports Science Research Group of the Gál Ferenc University for sponsoring my participation in the VI International Scientific.

In the company of Josip Lepes, Gábor Herczeg, Dr. Ferenc Győri and Szabolcs Halasi

In the sports psychology section, I presented my case study on optimizing self-confidence in a 19-year-old athlete. I thank Milan Hosta and Milan Cvetkovic and the interested audience for their questions, comments and positive feedback.

Sport psychology is for everyone, and this weekend proved it again!!!

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Referee training in Szeged

At the request of the Csongrád-Csanád County Referees Committee I held a workshop on conflict management.

We started by talking about the different behaviours that can be observed in refereeing. After the theory, the participants worked on the topic in groups, and then made a drawing as part of a collaborative creative process. It was interesting for me to experience that there are also seemingly irresolvable conflicts between referee and referee, which in some cases need to be handled with a high degree of empathy.

After viewing the drawings, the referees voted for the most creative creation

After a lunch break, I introduced conflict management channels to the participants, and then they assessed themselves as referees in an individual exercise. The feedback showed that this task was a useful self-awareness exercise, identifying strengths in a particular type of communication channel and areas for improvement. After working individually, the participants also shared their experiences in pairs. Finally, a case discussion took place, with practical application of referee functioning and conflict management channels.

The case discussion at the referee training was also useful

The biggest lesson of the workshop is to be flexible in adapting to different game management situations and to choose conflict management channels according to the situation. It was a pleasure to think together with the referee society in Szeged, to share feelings and experiences and to grow together! Thank you.

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