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Vienna Test System, a modern computer test system for measuring the psychic functions of athletes

We have increasingly modern measurement tools available to test the psychic functions of athletes, including the Vienna Test System. The question is, what mental functions can be measured with this system?

The long-term sustained attention shows how long an athlete can concentrate and what periods of time during a competition when their focus is sharp or their attention is decreasing.
The game intelligence, peripheral perception and exploration of spatial-visual memory support the selection of the right position for team sports. Often, a well-chosen position can improve an athlete’s performance in a fierce competitive situation.
The stress tolerance shows how well a competitor can perform under pressure, which is the basis for proper athletic performance. Based on the results obtained, it is also possible to set the individual optimal level of arousal.
These tests can be available from the age of 11, supporting the selection process. Another benefit is that athletes, parents and coaches can also get feedback on areas for development.
In addition, the Vienna Test System is suitable for further measurements from the age of 15, anticipációs képességeket including anticipation skills (reading of the game) and personality traits. As the athletes get older, we can get an increasingly complex picture of their mental capacity with the help of the Vienna Test System.

Lecture on the examination of the psychic functions of youth footballers at this year's Hungarian Sports Science Congress

As a psychologist, I have been working with the Vienna Test System for three years. In the course of my practical work, I have examined the mental functions of more than 300 athletes so far, giving feedback to athletes, parents and coaches alike. I recently reported on my Vienna Test System research with adolescent footballers at the Hungarian Sports Science Congress. Measurements are possible in Budapest and Szeged, among others, appointments can be made by calling + 36706329643.

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Professional day at the St. Gellert Forum

Since the arrival of Gábor Herczeg in the summer, the Szeged-Csanád Grosics Academy has been experiencing a vibrant professional life. For the ninth time, our youth leader held professional training for coaching colleagues working in youth. This occasion was co-hosted with Levente Szántai, a psychologist at our academy. The topic of the presentation was the development of the independence of our players.

Gábor Herczeg highlighted the importance of perception and decision-making, and then our psychologist shared his remarks on the field of self-control and self-reflection with the coaches present. Finally, the two professionals closed the event together by presenting an individual player profile that promotes ownership and development.

– - This is the ninth time that it is an essential part of our professional series. The starting point is to look at football globally, which is a continuous chain of perception, decision, execution. While we coaches keep this in mind during training and matches, it is also important that players are able to perform on the football field in the best possible quality. A player-centric coaching philosophy is essential for this, which is greatly facilitated by the proper self-knowledge of the coaches - our professional leader is formulated. – fogalmazott utánpótlás szakmai vezetőnk.

Levente Szántai gave an interactive lecture for the third time at the trainings since the summer.

– I am glad that Gábor also considers the psychological development of our coaches important. In order for coaching colleagues to be able to support the ownership of their players, it is worthwhile to be aware of the values ​​they have received from their own coaches as young players. Proper self-knowledge thus helps them to authentically convey their own coaching philosophy - a psychologist at our academy shared his thoughts.


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