Psychology of goalkeepers in Telki

It was a great honor for me to be able to hold the psychology module for Goalkeeper B license to goalkeeper coaches in Telki this week! I am grateful for the invitation to Dániel Illyés, the federal goalkeeping coach and coach training instructor. At the same time, I thank Dr. Ágota Lénárt for his professional mentoring and Dominik Sárkány for his role as co-leader in the process.

But what was the "psychology of goalkeepers" module about?

In the first block, we talked with the goalkeeper coaches about the symptoms of performance anxiety and how to create and maintain an optimal competitive statement. I was curious about how they experienced the these situations as active goalkeepers, so I presented that kind of exercises in which they could report on their own experiences. In addition, the participants learned sports psychology techniques that they can safely apply to their own goalkeepers, staying within their limits of competence.
In the second block, it was about setting real performance goals. During my practical work, I find that, although youngsters are aware of their goals, the path leading to them is less consciously structured. That's why my colleague Dominik and I presented a model to the goalkeeper coaches, with the help of which the process targets come into focus, to what the athlete has an effect on. Essentially, what do you do day by day, week by week, month by month in order to achieve the big goal.
The condition for successful work was the openness of the goalkeeper coaches. For me - and for the professional of sports psychology- the greatest recognition was that we reached the point at the end of the process, that sports psychology has an indisputable role in the preparation of young athletes.

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