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The sense of responsibility of youth players

Előadás a XVII. Magyar Sporttudományi Kongresszuson

The Hungarian football falls short of the European elit considering successfulness. Some experts see the possible reasons of it in the deficiency of our youth system. Still as an active footballer and already as a student majoring in psychology, I have started to watch those young footballers, who made it to the first team year by year. In my opinion the attitude towards hard and persistent training has changed, whose fundamental reason, I consider, the decreasing extent of the sense of responsibility. I decided to examine the sense of responsibility of youth players because of this.
In connection with this, at the 17th Hungarian Sports Science Congress I presented my research, which I made with 346 footballer (average age: 17,51). It has an interesting result as the players feel bigger sense of responsibility with their individual sport performances, than with their academic achievements (although their average academic achievement is 3,89). Beside this, they feel bigger responsibility at their team, than in their class. Furthermore, their responsibility towards their football club is bigger than towards their school. According to this, our youth footballers have a high football-related sense of responsibility, although it is not always shown on the pitch, in the locker room or in their private life.
I examined separately the differences between the football-related sense of responsibilities of players performing in the first and the second division. It has a suprising result as the second division players feel bigger responsibility for the success and cohesion function of their team, than their peers in the first division. It is possible that a training, whose aim is to improve the sense of responsibility at team level, may have a positive impact on the youth players at the academies. Therefore, the successfulness could increase, but let’s not forget that one match can be won by outstanding individual performances, but only the team can win the championship!

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